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The United States is painfully ending its 20-year involvement in Afghanistan. This week has been tough as we watched, listened, and prayed for those trying to flee Afghanistan and the Taliban. We also pray for those brave U.S. service personnel that are in Kabul ensuring the safe evacuation of those that need to leave the country. Brave individuals that put their lives at risk to ensure other’s safety.

Thirteen of those brave selfless souls lost their lives and fifteen were injured on Thursday by two senseless suicide bombers. The total death toll is currently over 100.

Our prayers are lifted up for those lost and injured, for their friends and families and for those that remain defending In this difficult atmosphere. We will end our involvement on Wednesday August 31.

Shared below is a prayer that may help guide your thoughts and prayers. Let us pray:

Gracious God,     

We come to you with the situation in Afghanistan heavy on our hearts. It is difficult to know what to say or how to think. We hold in your love all those whose lives have been damaged by the current conflict in Afghanistan.  We think of those who have served there in the military, including those who were injured and those who did not return. We especially remember and honor the 28 Marines who died (13) or injured (15) as they sought to bring order and safety to this week’s evacuation.

We hold in our hearts their families and close friends, for whom this is a time of special grieving and confusion. We hold all these in your love.   We also hold before you the people of the country, those who stay and those who flee; those living with terror and fear, and those who see the fullness of life slipping away. We hold them before you.     

We lift up to you the future: the leaders with a role in shaping what happens next; the many who are now refugees and the people who will offer them safety and assistance; all events that will impact the world, our country and our cities. We lift up all this to you.     

At this difficult time we lean on your timelessness and love. Turn us, and all people, to your good purposes for your world. Give us courage and wisdom, hope and a future.   


-Adapted from an original prayer by Barbara Easton of the Methodist Conference of Britain-

Published by First United Methodist Church Sacramento

First United Methodist Church in Sacramento, California

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