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Greetings from Your-Back-In-California Pastor, to all of you, Beloved First Church Family!

Jb and I are back from our trip to Europe. We booked the flights only after the vaccines were spreading widely and the cases of COVID were going down dramatically.

Well, you know how that worked out.

But in Europe there was much care and caution, with strict protocols that kept us safe. We tested before our flight home and were negative. We added another test three days after arriving home to be triply sure. And, of course we’re vaccinated.I was sad when in person church had to be suspended again, /but as I was leaving I told Carl Thomas, Linda Caldwell, Jim Mishler, and Mary Meister that I trusted them to watch for health and safety information and to make a call to suspend if it seemed appropriate, and they added Amy Price, one of our lay leaders, and Worship Chair Terry Haug and made the decision. They did the right thing.

We’ll work out a plan to return to having the in person service as an option as soon as it’s safe.  It appears Sacramento infection rates may be peaking. Hospitalization and death rates lag a bit behind, so being sure is important.

I have a working date for our staff of reopening in a very controlled manner on September 19, but that is only a working date. We’ll let you know in as many forms as soon as we have a solid date. Many will choose to stay away longer, and that is perfectly ok! For those at home, I hope you take a committed time on Sundays to join in the online worship time.

I have a passionate love for you as a congregation, and a love for us gathering for the soul food of worship. I’m happy to be home. Let’s be Love First together in as many ways as we possibly can.

Bless you each,

Rod Brayfindley

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