Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

21st Street Entrance is CLOSED

All the church entrances facing 21st Street are closed due to construction! The J Street red double doors are open and, for a ramp, use the East side kitchen door facing the back parking lot. On Sundays, we will have ushers at the doors to assist you. Thank you for your patience!

J Street RED double door entrance is OPEN; use buzzer to open
The back kitchen door is OPEN with a new ramp for wheelchairs and walkers!

If you can walk up steps, the J Street entrance is OPEN. To enter, use the buzzer on the right wall next to the mailbox to ask for the door to be opened for you.  If you need a ramp access, go to the back of the building to the kitchen door and knock. On Sundays, we will have an usher at both entrances. 

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