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A Decision About Parking Lots

At a well-attended Charge Conference on Tuesday September 28, it was decided to sell one parcel of our parking lots, and to expand the lot closer to the church building. A space for Day Care will continue to be provided in this plan. 

The financial benefit to the church may be close to enough to cover the unpledged portion of our current major building expenses.  

A Negotiating Team was previously empowered by a previous Charge Conference to negotiate an advantageous deal with Randy Sater and his StoneBridge Properties company. After an arduous process, that team brought back a $1,100,000 deal. 

This funding will come in over the next many months, contingent on some permitting. Congratulations to the Negotiating Team led by Burt Peterson, the Leadership Team led by Aaron Johnson and previously by Jim Johnson, the Facilities Planning Steering Committee and its predecessor led by Roseanne Lopez and earlier also with Jim Johnson, and the Trustees led by Pat Coleman and previously by Roseanne Lopez. 

Congratulations also to all of you who have prayed for and participated in the conversation over these many years. 

Rod Brayfindley, Pastor,

Amy Price, Lay Leader,

Doug Treadwell, Lay Leader

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