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A Life

I used to go to a Russian Orthodox monastery with some frequency. As interesting as all the monastic life is, the prayer and worship and meditation experiences were the most memorable. Imagine a life … a LIFE dedicated to nothing other than prayer, meditation, and worship. 

Yet it is so hard for us to find our way. The ease with which we are drawn away to the noise, to the distractions. A good friend once confided in me that prayer for five minutes was a hill too high to climb. 

Maybe the better starting place is in the kind of meditation the Jewish family speaks of in Psalm 119. That writer, too, describes a life dedicated to meditation. 

The Hebrew scriptures present a form of meditation that isn’t so much emptying the mind, as we learn from our Buddhist brothers and sisters, but is more focusing entirely on one good thing. Entirely. Breathing it. Pondering it. Savoring it. One thing. 

Maybe as we begin to return to worship in person (remember, May 23!), we’ll all recognize the craving in us for communion with God and with each other. I hope so. 

I’ll be away a bit this week for my brother’s memorial service and a few days with family. See you back for worship. 

Bless you, Great Souls. 

Rod Brayfindley

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