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A Thank You

Many of you have heard that last weekend brought a bitter blow to Jb and me. A dear friend passed from what appears to be a COVID related heart attack. He meant a great deal to both of us. 


I’m like all of you, aching from the pandemic: Aching for us as a church family, and for all individuals and families in a time like this. This was an added blow by all means.


Sharing emotions is hard for me. Exposing hurts isn’t fun. But those who learned of this loss have been very gracious to both me and Jb, and we are deeply grateful.


So many of you have conveyed a gentle and solid grace to us. We are grateful for all of you for your love for us. Always, and certainly right now.


Thank you. Take care of those around you and who share life with you.


Rod Brayfindley

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