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Above All

Finding a seat

I live with the belief that worship is the best and truest center of our lives. 


So I could sure write a lot right now, there is so much good and so many hopeful signs of life here in you and in us. 


But instead I’ll just make this note:


      Please be in worship this Sunday either online or at our live services in the courtyard. It’s the best thing I can offer to your wonderfully good souls. 


I’ve even been suggesting to people who are doing the service at home to try to get on at 10:00 so you can know others are on at the same moment. 


And since we sent a bit of a mixed message last week about the times for the Courtyard worship, we’ll just do both the 9:30 and 11:00 service. 


Do it for your deepest, truest self. 

And we think we have a plan that will work to keep us all safe in person in such ways that will keep us from having to shut down again. Remember to pray for the healing of our world in this tragic time. 


Bless you each!


Rod Brayfindley

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