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ALL This??

This will be a LOT. Brace yourselves. I’ll be as concise as I can. 

First, God loves you and your pastor thinks you are awesome and wonderful. I’m so honored, humbled, and happy to be your pastor. Even in this dreadful pandemic, you are a beautiful people together and individually. 

Second, you may have seen my modest proposal. It’s that while we’re away from in person worship this weekend, that if you can, you turn on your digital device at 10:00 on the dot so we can know we’re all in worship together even though we’re apart. 

Third, we’re going to start in person worship September 26 … in the courtyard again! At 9:30 only!It may seem silly, but we’re going to do the graduated reopening like we did before, taking one step at a time to try to be as sure as we can that we won’t have to discontinue again. We figured out how to do this before, and we’ll do so again. The heaviest protocols will be in place again. 

Fourth, a letter of intent has been signed for the church to sell a part of its parking area. We got a good deal and funds would be targeted at further building improvements. Charge Conference members! Please plan to attend on Tuesday September 28 at 6:30 for a decision on this. You’ll receive an invite in your email. 

Fifth, our Fire Response Group is meeting on September 25 to train in Emergency Response with members of our Annual Conference. It’s all day here in our Terrace Room (again, rigid protocols). Registration is at . If you choose to come for this all day event, please register immediately! 

Sixth, give with all your heart! It’s been a tough summer for church. We’ve come through this whole COVID nightmare better than might have been expected, but we’ve limped a bit this last month. 

Last, Beautiful Souls, Stay in love with God. Soak in grace in intentional breathing, contemplation, in service and love and in communion with the creation and with each other in worship. 

Thanks all for asking about our trip. I’m Europe’d out! And for your prayers as Jb’s mother recovers from her fall and surgery. 

You are Love First.

Rod Brayfindley

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