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Just a further multi-topic note friends,

Remember, this is the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month. Celebrate the multitude of ways our connections are Hispanic ones! 

Remember, too, that Afghan refugees are pouring into our area in need of love and support. We’ll explore ways to act in support and welcome. 

By standing up for human beings, the church is always at some kind of risk of resentment from those who have had their openness to others dimmed, whether by foul media or otherwise. Please pray for our church and for other churches that stand up for the values of Jesus. 

Our brother Joe Gonzales and his church received a veiled threat in person a week ago because they welcome people who are LGBTQA+. So add Vacaville St Paul’s United Methodist Church to those prayers. 

Finally, THANK YOU for your pledges to the Building project that is now heating up in earnest. If you are still paying on your pledge, bless you. We’re going to use every dollar that comes in and then some! 


Rod Brayfindley

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