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Annual Charge Conference November 14

Every year United Methodist congregations have a Charge Conference. This is usually in the Fall, and in this meeting nominations for church leadership positions happen. This includes the naming of Trustees for the coming year and three years. Trustees are elected separately, as they are the entity that represents the church on legal documents. Also the pastor’s compensation package is considered.


There are points in the Annual Charge Conference when we remember members we’ve lost, where we receive a membership report, where retired clergy in our congregation may give reports of their pastoral activities. 


In normal years, we try to open the Conference to as many in the congregation as we can. But alas, COVID has the Bishop and District Superintendents discouraging larger meetings, so the Charge Conference will consist of committee chairs, Leadership Team members, and both active and retired clergy. The meeting is November 14 at 3:30. 

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