Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

August Community Meal Update

Community Meals continue to thrive during these warm summer days, thanks to our amazing volunteers that staff our distribution tables, serve our community, and cook the delightful meals. Our breakfast burritos are always a favorite treat, a special thanks to Joe, Juan and Javier for all of their hard work. Patricia and Linda always cook a hearty lunch on the third Tuesday of the month. Our bakers, Peggy Adams, Dorothy Klishevisch, Julie Rodriquez, Kari Gaul, Irene Brown make delightful treats that the guests savor with a cup of coffee. 

Thank you to our servers that arrive on Tuesdays and the last two Sundays of the month to set up tables and serve our guests these include; Patricia Daugherty, Anna Weihman, Carl Thomas, Cinde Dolphin, Bill Skinner, Julie Rodriquez, Mark Rodriquez, Ryan Rodriquez, Todd Parker, Kari Gaul, Linda Schneider, Roberta Mori, Dominic Wall, and Tristin Schubert. It takes a team to serve this community and it takes faith that each week we will meet the needs of our community. What an amazing congregation. Thank you for your gifts and your dedication. 

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