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Becoming Resurrectors

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Becoming Resurrectors

I get the privilege of hearing stories of faith and connections to God often. Many of you have talked to me about your spiritual journey, and I hope to hear from each of you over time. 

Lately I’ve talked to several people who are newer to our congregational life. The stories of how First Church has loved, and been love to each are inspiring. In a way we have a role in many people’s resurrections. In some way, we could almost use the term “resurrectors”. Bless you for all the ways you live your faith with open hearts and kind service, allowing God to use you in this beautiful work.  

As we get to Easter, I’ve been praying about the role First UMC has in so many lives. Each of Us have been changed and grown in this great love of God through the ministries of First. We as individuals carry light in our days that might help others see their way, too. And we as a whole community of faith have that light lit quite brightly for the whole area to find direction and hope. 

After a pandemic’s devastation, and its still-threatening irritations, we each are certainly ready for resurrections. And each of us do some loving in our spaces, and we as a whole congregation do that as well. In effect we have a role as resurrectors around us. The whole world is in desperate need of light and hope. We can be a part of being light and hope in countless ways. 

I’m not inclined to being pushy about faith. Nothing turns me off more, I don’t think. But I’m all for loving those around us with all our hearts. And we as a church do that for visitors. By the grace of the God who raised Jesus from the tomb, Do all the resurrection/loving you can, in all the ways you can, at all the times you can, in all the spaces you can, as ever you can.  

Hope to see you Sunday, and for those of you out of town, hope you get to attend via YouTube or Facebook Live. Bless you.

Rod Brayfindley

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