Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Boldness and Choices

For 25 years, First United Methodist Church has been at work trying to figure out options for building repairs, funding stability, and opportunities for greater welcome to our community.  

We’ve come to a major project to shore up the Sanctuary so it will be here in the year 2100. You’ll be getting a letter soon with some pastoral notes. It will be followed up with an invitation to join the effort. 

The bill is estimated at $400,000, but could be a bit more. 

This is an important phase in our building’s refurbishing. There are many issues to solve in an older building. First, we have to make sure the Sanctuary is safe and stable on its foundation, but we’ve added some great ways to brighten it, with paint and flooring, extending all the way to the lobby (“narthex”) you walk in from 21st Street. 

The timeline, if all goes as planned, is to finish by early November. 

For more information, feel free to talk to Pat Coleman, Chair of Trustees at

or Rod, our pastor, at 916-468-9019

or Mary Meister, our Facility Manager 916-446-5025

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