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Bright Spots?

Even with the major technical glitch Sunday morning (a bit of embarrassment for your pastor!!), Easter was full of vigor. 

Even while some of us experienced much personal pain in this last season or year, there are lights and loves all around us. 

Even as the Sanctuary project has required months of planning, pre-planning, and prequels to the pre-planning, we have finally applied for our first permit (not the last) for the project. 

The amount of loving that has happened through our church family this last month staggers my mind, even while we are still not quite ready for in person worship (see related article). 

The kind and faithful giving that sustains us continues beautifully (the Finance Team would want me to remind you that we have had some drop off and it’s a challenge, but most of us are apparently able to keep up with our giving at or near what we intended a year ago). 

And Sunday worship, the daily Love First Word, the weekly Children’s Worship and Finding Your Way with Pastor Rod all continue. 

We’ve been through some Good Fridays. And some around us are experiencing the worst of times. But Easter hope and vigor and strength continues to propel us forward, deeper in the love of God. 

Bless you all.


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