Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Burrito Ministry Update

Juan takes on a big job with joy!

We are so grateful to Juan Valdez and Joe Gonzales for their dedication and support of the Community Meals here at First United Methodist Church.  Month after month Juan manages the making of the burritos. This is a huge endeavor as the prep to make the ingredients takes time and planning. There are pinto beans to cook, rice to make, and sausage to heat, eggs to prepare and then the assembly process. This is an all-day event that takes a skilled chef to manage. In a year, Juan will cook 180 pounds of beans, he will scramble 1,800 eggs and bake 160 pounds of rice, and roll up 600 burritos all in an effort to demonstrate his love and care of those in need.  Juan’s burritos are famous. And our guests always ask, “Do you have burritos today.” We smile and say yes, we are heating them up right now for you. Thank you, Juan and Joe, for your dedication to this ministry. Your love spreads in this service to our community. 

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