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Can’t Be Silent

Can’t Be Silent

There is much wrong in the world. While we each carry wounds within us, we also live in a world with many wounds. 

When I was new to faith, spirituality seemed like a pleasant way to live in joy and love with God and the world without a care. But I learned, as so many of you are excellent examples of, the truth is spirituality calls us to serve the world in love, in ways that can be painful and costly as well as pleasant and gratifying. 

We live in a time of severe crises. Each one of us can name a long list of wounds in our planet and country at this critical point in history. COVID has certainly qualified as one. But two other concerns may rise above most: 

First, the current thrust to deny voting rights to people of color and other large groupings of Americans. We are literally seeing an attempt to undo the Civil Rights successes from the 1950’s to today. This threatens work undertaken with great pain and cost by our forebears in faith. Even with the small parts we might each play, this calls for great effort from many of us. 

Second, the climate crisis has changed California and so many other places severely already, and action to change the sickening trend have been virtually stopped in Congress this month by members of both main parties. This is an existential crisis beyond almost any in the history of our species. 

May your faith drive you to serve, and love, and not let go of the values that are so central to your call to that very service! May we as a church and as individuals find ways to move the dial. 

Bless you each,

Rod Brayfindley

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