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Can’t Stop Talking About … Buildings!

A week from next Tuesday night, October 13th at 6:30 pm, consultant Randy Sater meets with us by Zoom for a fourth time. We have arrived at the point where we get to the heart of our challenge and why we need to find some significant solutions for our facilities. He will focus during this meeting on parking lot development concepts.


Mr. Sater isn’t done with all the studies, much less isolating the best solutions for our future, but he is ready to talk about the concepts he is thinking about to help our property support our mission work for the long haul.  


Please attend if you possibly can!


Upcoming Meetings (mostly every other Tuesday via Zoom):


•  Note: in-person date change from 9/30 to 10/7 due to Presidential Debate. 


•  October 7 (Wed, 11:00 am, in person), recap of the first three meetings.


•  October 13, on Parking Lot Development Concepts.


•  October 27, Church Complex Adaptive Reuse Concepts.


•  November 2 (Mon, 11:00 am, in person), recap of the prior two meetings.


•  November 10, for Parking Lot Development Recommendations.


•  December 8, for Church Complex Adaptive Reuse Recommendations.

Need help accessing Zoom?   View this video.


Connecting with Zoom is easy. Just wait for the appointed time and click the link here. Or dial in by phone to: 669.900.9128


Meeting ID: 851 7017 2629

Passcode: 256562

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