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Cathy Love’s News

Many of you have heard that Cathy Love, a member of our congregation has finished her Masters in Divinity and will graduate this month. It’s fantastic news for her.

The process of being ordained in the United Methodist Church is a parallel one, but not always connected. Ordination requires a long and grueling set of interviews and work with people in the UM family to assure that we ordain people who represent us as a whole denomination. Cathy is far along in that process, and news may be coming soon about her next step in ordination. Already she is serving as a licensed local pastor at the United Methodist church in Grass Valley.

When a person is ordained as a United Methodist pastor, they agree to be “appointable” by the Bishop wherever there is the greatest need for their gifts. This is called the “itineracy”. While the Bishop celebrates when a pastor is reappointed to the local church they currently serve, it’s also a cause for a quieter joy when a pastor is moved to the best place to benefit from their gifts. The appointments are usually made each year effective on July 1.

Our pastor Rod Brayfindley anticipates being reappointed here at First Church this July 1. This will mean he will stay with us for a sixth year. And that may happen again for many years. Cathy Love anticipates being reassigned to Grass Valley again, too. Most years, the Bishop does reappoint people to the same congregation.

Please always pray for our Bishop for the big decisions that affect our local ministry and all the work of the Northern California Nevada UMC’s.

Congratulations Cathy!

And welcome back, Rod!

Julian Leonard

Chair of our Staff Parish Relations Committee

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