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Cautious Consensus

“Well, the Governor said so!”


At the Leadership Team Tuesday, we had a long discussion about COVID safety protocols. What to keep and what to lay aside?


The consensus was that we owe it to each other,  to all who might attend, and especially those who are not yet able to become vaccinated, that we exercise continued caution until the most recent variants are better understood. And we want to see the infection rate assuredly plummet and the vaccination rate soar. 


So we’ll keep to most of our current patterns for a while for our worship times. There may be greater flexibility for small groups of fully vaccinated people, but that means we need to be comfortable talking about our vaccination status. Even then, there’s no obligation to remove masks at all! And cautious distance is still our large group practice. 


The biggest question that may linger on all of our lips is “What about singing?” We’ll get there. When we’re as certain as we can be that it will be safe, we’ll sing. And on our way there, we’ll find ways to make meaningful music, and grow into bigger capacities as soon as it’s appropriate. 


Stay safe, and worship with all your heart. We’re sticking with Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00 for now in the Terrace Room. 


Terry Haug, Worship Chair

Mary Meister, Facility Manager

Aaron Johnson, Leadership Team Chair

Rod Brayfindley, Pastor

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