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Charge Conference

Months ago it already seemed apparent that in the event of any major property decision we might make as a result of the study of our ministry by StoneBridge, our District Superintendent would ask us to make final decisions in a Charge Conference setting. That includes our Annual Conference members, Leadership Team members, Chairs of committees, retired and active ordained clergy and Lay Leaders. 


But we wanted even broader involvement from the congregation. So we had multiple Town Hall style meetings, sometimes with Randy Sater from StoneBridge and sometimes to assess our congregational preferences by Linda Caldwell. These were on top of the tens of meetings that Roseanne Lopez and Burt Peterson and Mary Meister arranged over these many last seasons. 


Now after all that we are coming to that final Charge Conference decision, called by our District Superintendent Shinya Goto for this Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. This would not have been possible without the large number of meetings we had with so many of you participating in those countless Town Halls. 


Thank you to all who have been a part of this conversation for all these years. 




Amy Price, Lay Leader

Doug Treadwell, Lay Leader

Rod Brayfindley, Pastor


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