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ONLINE Compass Kid’s Worship Page

NEW! Compass Kids ONLINE Worship ROCK!

This is the new online worship created by our teachers at First United Methodist Church in Sacramento!

Tracee, Deana and Rosemary will lead the kids in worship with prayer, music and laughter! Pastor Rod will bring a weekly message based on that Sunday’s lectionary scripture for the whole family to discuss. We also welcome special featured guests Mort, the Snail and Lamb-see-do.

Here are the pre-recorded WORSHIP ROCK videos for you ... watch them again and again!

California-Nevada United Methodist Church Conference wide "Children's Worship" is back!

Here is the latest video link:

A virtual worship experience designed especially for children including music and faith-based storytelling. Videos are from churches in our United Methodist connection across our Northern California and Nevada conference. 

This week ...

Date: January 23, 2022

Theme: Being Made New (Nicodemus)

Scripture: John 3:1-21 (From the Narrative Lectionary)

This Week: Margie Shunk of St. Mark’s UMC in Sacramento greets the children and shares a message about being made new using bulbs to illustrate the idea plus she shares a closing song in sign language; Mort talks about “hatching”


…Children’s Worship was a free innovative online worship experience for children everywhere. The Fall 2021 production is a collaborative effort sponsored by the United Methodist Churches of the Sacramento Pentecost and Resurrection Circuits. The 15-20 minutes included music, faith-based messages and special friends to meet–including talking animals and a puppet called “Mort” … video clips come from around our church family in Northern California and Nevada.

Register and receive upcoming seasonal videos by Mort sent directly to your email: If your church (or you) is willing to donate to this type of ministry in the future, please send a check to First UMC, 2100 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 payable to First UMC, memo line: “Children’s Worship Ministry”.