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Church Goes Remote AGAIN!

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Church Goes Remote AGAIN!   :  (

It appears that the Omicron variant’s transmissibility is so great that we need a short break from in-person worship. This will mean at least two weeks (maybe more. Watch for announcements) where we can all join those who have already been worshiping through the website service. 

I encourage you to try to attend right at Sunday morning if you can, with some food and drink to use to share communion. That way we’ll all be “together” even while we’re apart. But the service will be up at any time by Saturday to make it more convenient. 

Remember You can do your giving online there, too. 

Or mail First UMC at 2100 J Street, 95816.

This Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday has special music and a powerful theme. So even apart, let’s celebrate together, even apart!  

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