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Community Meal Summary – September

Before we get into the wrap up of our Breakfast Summary, we need to extend our gratitude to some very special members of our congregation.

Patricia Daugherty

for her shopping and holding us all together through some very rough months.

She coordinates, shops, cooks and serves. She is the glue for all of us. 👏


Joe Gonzales & Juan Valdez

have set aside time for burrito assembly for months. 

Here are photos of their work. 👏

This assembly line takes place the last two Saturdays of the month for Joe and Juan. The magic is that on Sunday morning you walk into the kitchen at 7:00 am and open the fridge and it is full of burritos! Like elves they work behind the scenes to make this morning breakfast and sometimes dinner happen.

Laura Reed

makes brownies and these are a treat for our guests Thank you to Laura. 👏

This week we had grapes and oranges to hand out. It is a blessing to our community and to all of those that are fed. So show your appreciation by replying to the email a sign of gratitude to our dedicated volunteers. It is work like this and those that serve at dinner and breakfast that makes so many smiles. 😁

To be honest those of us serving are having a wonderful time. This past Sunday Jillian came in and helped with heating burritos, we had Linda, Kari and Todd, Wendy, Cinde, Anna, Fred, Bill and Roberta.

It was a brisk fall morning and as we put the tables out and made coffee. Folks began to gather at the gate. We served up the meals and then the most beautiful sounds of talking and laughter could be heard from the steps of the church as folks gathered, ate and shared stories. Bill as our host kept us all on track and made sure hands were washed and guests were fed. The showers were on site from 0800-1200 and almost all that joined breakfast were able to enjoy a freshshower to start the day.


We have our October meals scheduled for Dinner on Tuesday October 20th at 5:00 pm and then breakfast is on October 18th and 27th.


If you are interested in making a dessert or volunteering let me know.


Stay well and safe



Roberta Mori


p.s. ……and from the Community Meal Committee a HUGE thank you to Roberta for her leadership!

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