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Community Meal Update March 2021

Thank you to our Burrito chefs. Each Saturday before Community Breakfast Juan Valdez, starts making the beans and rice. He cooks large quantities making pans of rice in the oven as the beans simmer on the stove. Once all of the ingredients are cooked Juan obtains the help of his brother Javier Valdez and Joe Gonzales. These three then begin the burrito assembly. Though I have not been in their kitchen I imagine music and laughter and a happy time as the burritos come to life. This team even assembles vegetarian burritos for some of our guests that do not eat meat. Once the burritos are assembled. Large trays of wrapped burritos are brought to the church on Saturday night. For distribution during our Sunday breakfast. During this past year we have all encountered many disruptions to our lives. Yet in spite of the set backs the burrito production did not diminish. Juan kept cooking. In the first three months of the 2020 pandemic he was making 100 burritos a week. Trying to keep our unhoused fed. Patricia Daugherty would make sure that every burrito made was distributed at the church or local encampments. The commitment and dedication of this team has been a blessing to so many. In the last year Juan, Joe and Javier have made over 1,300 burritos to help feed our community. What a gift. This past Sunday as we were setting up the tables to prepare for the breakfast a man came to the gate and asked Bill Skinner, “Do you have breakfast this morning? Do you have the burritos? I have been waiting all week for this meal.” 


We are fortunate to be moving into a new year and we have expanded some of our services. As you know the sandwich ministry has been a huge success thanks to the coordination efforts of Laura Reed, andn our amazing sandwich makers. And we have started making soup on Tuesday’s when the showers are on site. This year we have served 440 meals, 500 sandwiches and 11 kettles of soup. Thank you to all of you for your support, prayers and gifts as we give to those in need. 

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