Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Compass Kids ONLINE Worship ROCKS! for April 10, 2022

This week the kids learn about “Palms and Passions” from Luke 19:28-40. Palm Sunday is full of praise and getting ready for Easter! YAY! Teacher Tracee gives Mort a special project and Mort works on “resistance” with Pastor Rod who talks about using the right tools. Does Mort use the best tools? Uh, oh! You’ll see!

Compass Kids online Worship ROCKS! is a weekly pre-recorded video just for kids ages 4 to 10 years hosted by the teachers and pastor at Sacramento First United Methodist Church, 2100 J Street, Mid-town Sacramento, California featuring a snail puppet called Mort and their friend Lamb-see-do. (OF course, those of us older than 10 enjoy watching, too!)

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