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Did We Do Our Job?

March 2020. COVID requires shut downs of most of the lives we had. Churches and schools and business in the millions were shuttered. Many businesses and churches will not ever reopen. 


Did we do our job? There is never enough. Always more that could be done. As BOTH hints of a fourth wave AND suggestions of a return to normalcy suggest themselves, it’s a good time for some reflection. What happened in our ministry over the last year? We expanded to a:


Video ministry for worship, 


A video daily reflection in the Love First Word, 


A Children’s Worship program on line, 


to the video Finding Your Way With Pastor Rod ministry for older kids; 


We learned how to  Zoom as a church family for Bible Studies, Book Groups, and meetings;


Many many of our people have reached out by phone, text, email, and other means, even including some drive by visits to love on each other;


We saw loving people in our congregation find ways to continue community meals on Sundays, on a Tuesday, even adding shower service for people in partnership with another congregation but in our parking lot, and now are providing 50 sandwiches to go with those who come for that service;


We supported several members of the congregation in the dire immediate financial meltdown at the beginning of the shutdown through our Family Assistance Fund;  


And we funded a $500,000 project that will shore up the Sanctuary, and painted many rooms, solved problems in the Courtyard, and kept our facility in good condition. 


There is more. Much more on the positive side. 

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