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A Digital Church?

How useful has church by video been in our ministry this last year!!!?!! 

There have been Sundays with hundreds of people watching. There have been days of the week when more than 50 people saw a Love First Word, and which some people used those to share on social media and have hundreds more see them. 

And then we’ve had countless Zoom and GotoMeeting dates, not even mentioning the emails and texts and posts. 

So how much do we continue? We’ve settled the question of worship, in that while we will return to in person worship, we will continue to do the 30 minute service that we pre-record now into the future. We are discussing the Love First Word daily two minute posts. 

Here’s a surprise: We’re even creating a space in Room 203 where we can have meetings in person with the ability to have people join the group by Zoom! So that will be a hybrid option for church meetings and studies. 

I have a severe aversion to televangelists, so I’m more than a bit cautious about over-using digital services. But I have heard from so many who aren’t able to be present with us normally, and from so many who have noted that they may use the pre-recorded service to be “in church” when they’re away or ill, that we have found strong reasons to keep worship happening each week on line, as well as in person worship. 

What we don’t plan is to have cameras rolling during in person worship. Not to say it can’t happen some time for some reason, but it’s not going to be our pattern. So if you’re watching worship from a computer, you may well still see me in my garden or in the Courtyard or elsewhere at church with just me and Jb. And you may be viewing Joe out in the woods sometime, and others, too. So the service will be there, but it won’t be a recording of the in person service here at the building. 

Either way, Friends! Let your hearts be in love with God and each other so much that worship each week remains the base from which to live out your life rhythms. 

Bless you and … Digitally Yours, 

Rod Brayfindley

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