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Exciting News from Children’s Ministry!

The Children’s Ministry team is proud to announce that we are about to release the very first Compass Kids e-newsletter “The Compass Kids Journey”, this month!


When the pandemic began, we started calling the families on the phone, writing letters and sending postcards right away. Since the children were stuck at home, feeling disconnected like the rest of us, we soon began sending craft packages and a special, personalized video, for each child’s birthday.


Last summer, through tireless efforts by J.B. Brayfindley and Keanan Evers, the 2100 J Street Compass Kids YouTube channel was launched, enabling us to encourage, praise and remind the children they are loved, through video. 


So far, we have delivered Children’s Bibles, Thinking of You cards, birthday balloons, three rounds of craft activity packages, Advent candles, and Christmas ornament projects to every single child in our church family, whether they attended on Sunday’s or not.


 The Children’s Ministry team is very grateful to the parents and grandparents of First Church for allowing us to stay connected to the children. We are thrilled to say that with the addition of two families, we are currently connecting remotely, with 26 incredible children. 


We hope you are as excited as we are for the release of the e-newsletter. You can be assured that we will continue to stay in touch with the children through video, mail and the internet as we all anticipate First Church’s glorious re-opening.


From our hearts to yours,


Tracee Simonini-Clarke and Deana Dean

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