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Finding Peace In An Anxious World

Rev. Linda Caldwell is facilitating a virtual study/small group using the book “Finding Peace in An Anxious World” meeting Sunday evening from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  The study will begin on November 8th and conclude on November 29th.   If you are interested, please contact Linda at to sign up for the study or to ask for more information about the study.


The book is available via the following links:  UMW Website 10.00 Paper back and Kindle books $5.95 Available through


More information about the study – This Study was developed by the Urban Village Church in Chicago.  The Urban Village Church is committed to seeking justice in times of uncertainty.  It started as a new ministry seeking to establish an LGBTQ+ Christian movement in the city of Chicago in 2009.  But in 2015 the church was growing increasingly in its anti-racist commitment, based on its commitment to Jesus.  Anti-racism in the church meant boldly preaching against racist institutions and laws as well as rooting out racist practice within the church and the people who make up the church so that it could be increasingly inclusive of people who do not identify as white.


As a part of their commitment to remain steadfast in their antiracist work in the church it became clear that they needed to address the anxiety that such a commitment engenders.  One approach was to create a sermon series guided my Proverbs alongside “The Serenity Prayer.”


The United Methodist Women invited Urban Village to create a study from the sermon series.  The purpose of the study is to recognize prevalence of anxiety today and its impact, a well as to explore ways to find peace through scriptural and spiritual discipline so that we can be rooted in God and energized to life fully as disciples of Christ.


Follow this link to see 4-minute introduction to the study.

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