Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

First Step DONE

The letters are mailed. The prayers are happening. 

Do All the Good You Can is the call for this capital project. Truly in every way that is the call for every moment we have ever had together. I’m keeping up with Pat Coleman our Trustee Chair, Mary Meister our Facility Manager, and Dorothy Klishevich our Finance Chair as we look with hope and eager anticipation to meet this imposing target. 

Two things have stricken me in this: First is the confidence I hear from them about you in the project. 

The second is the amazement I feel that as we Do All the Good We Can for each other and for others, how much good we each receive into our own souls as a church family. Keep growing deep in the love of God, friends. That is our strength and our hope. 

Bless you, 


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