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Six Egg Hunts?! Yes!!!!

easter egg on rack
Photo by Eric Heininger on Unsplash

Helloooo First Church families!

For the first time ever….

We are having 6 different Easter egg hunts on Easter Sunday- YEP,  SIX! 

We wanted families to have the choice of attending the 9:30 service, or the 11:00 service,  without missing the fun! So, we decided to have six aged-level egg hunts at BOTH services.

 There will be one in the nursery for toddlers aged 3 and under; another for the kids under 10 and another in a different room upstairs; AND a much harder hunt for the Youth group in a different area.

Also, due to the current construction, we have use of 95% of the UPSTAIRS for the kids to hide/find eggs! That’s 8 rooms and 3 hallways!

Older kids are invited to come early and help hide eggs for the little ones, if they are able.   We have over 500 eggs filled with much more than just candy, that need to be hidden!

Egg hiders: 

Please arrive at 8:45, if you’re going to the 9:30 service

Or at 10:30, if you are going to the 11:00 service.

The education team will meet everyone in the Terrace room, and together, we will head upstairs to hide those eggs!!

After the egg hunt, each child/youth will have to find one last, HUMONGOUS egg made specifically for them.

There is something for everyone –

Before the search for eggs commences, the Education Team is going to tell a story about where coloring eggs at Easter originated.

Whether you attend the 9:30 service or choose to come worship at 11:00,  Children and Youth ministries have combined and planned a fun filled, super cool morning for kids of all ages! For children 3 and under, the Nursery will have toddler/preschool safe toys and goodies inside the eggs, for little ones to find.

A text /email has been sent to families asking if you will be joining us. If you have not already done so, please RSVP by contacting Tracee at 916-335-4797 or

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