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Getting It Said

It is time to plan to extend the love we have been carried with. It is not time to retrench. I’ll be as blunt and as serious as I can be: The decisions we make in the coming weeks are about how we will widen our love and our reach. It is not a time to think survival, but rather widening our loves and our vision.


Please, as we as a congregation go into meetings to finally decide things about our building and facilities, be as bold as you can be about your own calling to love and be an agent of good for as many people as you can. And be that bold as a congregation as you ask the same questions.


I occasionally hear on the news, and even from people I know, that after the pandemic things will be terrible for churches. It is true, there are churches that are closing and hurting terribly. We certainly have known 2020 as an agonizing year for us as a congregation.


BUT a quick look at how we have rallied around our beautiful common ministries indicates that we are focused and united in a vision and mission that will strengthen and grow in the coming years, not shrink. 

So plan on deciding how to extend your love and ours. It’s 2021. The end of the pandemic is not close yet, but it is still much closer than it was.


In the next few weeks, we’ll have a chance to renew our covenant together in pledges, in prayers, in meetings to build a strong and expanded ministry, and in our own personal spiritual directions.


Do not be timid. Do not think in terms of retrenchment. Think on the call of God’s Spirit and on the gifts you have been given; on the gifts WE have been given. You are strong. We are strong together. We have serving and loving to do. I hope in addition to church on Sunday you can make our meeting Tuesday night.


Your pastor,



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