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Go Cheap!

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“Go cheap!” 

My wonderful Dad was seriously parsimonious about money. I was young enough for him to be gently coaching me as I made likely my first call to buy something on a phone call. Dad listened and then uttered “Go cheap!” Then I addressed that with the person on the other end and got some answer. Dad’s response was “Go cheaper!” We laughed about that for a year. 

Don’t do it. Don’t go cheap with your spiritual journey. It’s a huge loss. A missed wonder. A gaping hole. Jesus in the gospels is constantly coaxing his followers to choose a rugged, vibrant, costly, and demanding spirituality. 

But we are Americans. We live in a consumer culture and it lives in us. We like the best deal. Like the hilarious cartoon with the sign in front of a church building reading “Gospel Light: Home of the 9% tithe”.  

Lent is the invitation, and the reminder. Don’t cheapen your spiritual quest. Deepen it. Enlarge it. Invest in it.

The Way is made in struggling through prayer, working for justice, making efforts to be compassion, making time for community. 

We are offering less in the way of classes since COVID, but we’ll start again. In between then and now, take a shot at reading from a gospel or a Psalm each day. Some days the read will be easy. Others not. The way isn’t cheap. But it’s life and joy and the fulfillment of our lives’ highest calling. 

Bless you. And may your season before Easter stretch and lengthen (Lenten) you. You ARE Love First. 

Pastor Rod

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