Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Great Help

First Church took on a need in the life of a person in the documenting process seeking legal immigration status. She is transgender, and her risk in her home country was extremely high, as she had been recently targeted. 


This good soul is being supported by one agency for a phone, power, and rent. But she has yet to receive her ID card, so is unable either to work or to receive food stamps. 


So what did First Church do? People in our congregation provided a bed, sheets and pillows, a dining table and chairs, a coffee table, a microwave, gift cards to shop for groceries, and food from our small pantry.


When someone can’t work or get food stamps, there is no third way to get food. Or basic necessities. But y’all came through, and are still coming through. It is inspiring. 


She is currently hoping that someone might have a vacuum cleaner they could donate. If that’s you, please call me at 916-468-9019.



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