Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Hands That Share

Since COVID hit in March many of the congregation at FUMC have stepped up to help our underserved population by make masks, scarfs, and hats.  The Prayer Shawl Group provided hats and scarfs and as we hand these out at breakfast or lunch our guests are overwhelmed by these beautiful handcrafted gifts of warmth. It is heartwarming to look out at the group that gathers and see folks walking down the street with these beautiful scarfs and hats. Your gifts are so appreciated by so many.


Another act of kindness comes from a local Tap-Dancing class.  Candy, Cindy, Rita and Annie have been meeting every Wednesday since April and instead of Tap-Dancing they use their time and hands to make homemade masks. Patricia Daugherty brings these masks in and in addition to the masks made by our congregation we distribute these masks at every meal we serve. 


Thank you to all of you that continue to support our community through your acts of kindness. 

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