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Here’s To Cornering

I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude and awe as I’ve looked to more of you than I’ll tell as I prepare for my sermon series for October. I’ll be talking about the skill of “cornering”, how great races are often won by the people who know how to turn just right into the corners and turns of a course. 

You are here because you’ve taken some bumps but kept on cornering, by the grace of God. The people you go to church with are living testaments to cornering through some of the tough roads that can come our way in a long race. 

And we are in a church that began in the first century of the common era with an energy and capacity to corner through centuries of troubles, stumbles, and challenges to free us to become followers of Jesus. 

I’m writing Tuesday night, after our Charge Conference voted to sell a piece of our land on the 22ndStreet side. As the 25 of us were logging on, I looked at the Zoom screen as one face after another of sacred friends, honorable souls, solid lovers came on the screen. I was profoundly touched. 

We travel together. It’s not always easy. Finances have become tough. COVID has been a nightmare. The country has been troubled. Even the United Methodist family we’re a part of is wobbling as our more fundamentalist wing plots to leave over not wanting to welcome LGBTQ people (and I suspect others are on their target list). It’s not an easy time for the big picture, and your individual journeys come with lots of turns, too. 

God brought us together. And the Spirit is alight among us. Corner well. And I hope the sermons for the month help with the cornering!

Rod Brayfindley

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