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How Deep, How Wide

For many of us, the deepening of our faith is the story of our life in First Church. At times we realize this in a bible study or prayer group or young people’s activity or in worship. 


At other times we realize it in the ways we reach out to one another, or when others reach out to us. 


And at other times we realize it as we ponder the ways we as a community are able to reach out in service and life giving kindness. This week, I encourage you to ponder some of the service done in and through First UMC. Please take a minute to pray thanks for, and effectiveness for one of these ministries: 


SSP (the Sierra Service Project). SSP has been a part of our church’s ministry for decades. More than a hundred people from First Church have participated in projects with SSP, whether building on homes damaged by floods or repairing fences, restoring church buildings, and many other efforts. Most of those 100+ people have been teenagers from our congregation and supported on their way by First Church’s offerings. 


This year has been a rugged one for SSP, but they have persevered, and are now beginning to plan more work at sites all over the West Coast. Churches like First Church play a gigantic part in SSP’s successes at healing hearts and spaces. 


We give thanks. And commit ourselves to continue to serve and help our youth learn lives of kindness and service with projects like those with SSP. 


Amy Price, Danny Price, Mike McDoniels, and Rod Brayfindley 

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