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How did it go?

Dr. John Hillebrandt and Kevin Manz play duet

We did it! We gathered in the Courtyard in person for worship on Sunday May 23. We filled all the available space minus perhaps seven chairs, so it was as full as current state protocols allow. And it was fantastic!


Seeing each other’s faces may have been the highlight. And the music was live! We didn’t sing as a congregation, but we heard the choir sing and John and Kevin play. It was wonderful. We also had new participants in the congregation who became part of the First Church family online first.


As your pastor, I’ve heard from roughly 20 people so far that they are waiting a bit longer before they feel comfortable coming back. Some reason that with children at home who haven’t been vaccinated yet, it’s better to wait. Some others are similarly dealing with other health risks that make them prefer to wait. There may be many others who haven’t talked to me yet who are waiting.


And importantly, we are waiting word from the state health departments, and for word that a bigger percentage of the country and state are vaccinated.


Credits and plaudits to YOU, First Church family. Among adults that I have talked with about the vaccine, we seem to be coming in at around a 90% vaccination rate! That bodes well for our future. Bless you for listening to God’s voice in every way it comes, including through science.


Bless you, Bless you, Bless You!


Rod Brayfindley

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