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How Does This Happen?

Some of us are kind of new to First Church. And already we see the beauty and grace within this community and our hearts get knit together with the rest of the church family. For most, it doesn’t take long! 


Others have been here for years, some even for generations!


When we ask how the church funds its work, we not only consider the gifts we each offer now, but we even receive from people who planned their giving for years. 


I told pastors that I was stressed at the difficulty of raising funds for our Phase I project during a pandemic. $500,000, no less, on top of all the other gracious ways you already give. 


And then BJ Hoyt gave us a life gift at the sale of her home. 


And then Margaret Warhuus gave us a life gift upon her passing. 


Those two gifts totaled over $200,000! And as pledges come in, we will have raised all that $500,000. These life gifts are a part of why First Church has such a bright future. Because we have all found grace and joy and love here, and chosen to be a part of that grace and joy and love. Some, like Margaret, are blessed with ways they can give even as they pass onto life after this life! 


It is all at the instigation of God, lighting a love inside us. How ever you give, God is the nudge and the joy we meet in doing it.


This is a moment to give thanks together for the gifts and faith and love of BJ and Margaret. 


And remember, most gifts aren’t money. They are your volunteer hours, your prayers, your reaching out to one another and to others in love. 


And we, the givers? Always the most blessed in the giving. Bless you each,

Rod Brayfindley

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