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How Much?

How Much??? 

Since 2017 First Church has been working on a restoration for our Sanctuary and an improvement of some of our building’s functions. With major construction just ready to begin, how much did it cost to get us here? 

Believe it or not, we have paid out roughly $310,000.00 to come to this point. And we expect to pay another $75,000.00 soon. That’s what it took to be ready to begin major construction! 

There have been tests, more tests, designs, redesigns, architectural drawings, structural and geotechnical processes, and more. This doesn’t include our work with StoneBridge on the 22nd Street parcel! 

But the good news with Danny Yost Jr., Jessie Buckmaster, and Pat Coleman on the Trustees Executive Team, and all the guidance from Church Conferences, Leadership Team, Facility Planning Teams and the Board of Trustees, we’re ready to begin the actual work. This Thursday is the last choir rehearsal planned for in the Sanctuary for at least three months as all the planning comes to the point of construction. 

Construction can take many wild turns. We’ll keep you all informed as the work goes on. We ask you to continue to pray for the projects. If you’re a donor and still fulfilling a pledge, please keep your gifts coming. And be ready for good things. 

With love,

Mary Meister, Facility Manager

Rod Brayfindley, Pastor

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