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I’m Thankful

A highly effective person recently said to me, “I’m sick of this.”  She was referring to the pandemic (now in its third year). Her tone revealed disgust mixed with a kind of weariness which many of us have felt ourselves, and frequently. I sympathized greatly as she moved on from her confession and went about her day.

Some others among us just “keep on keeping on” with a good listening ear, and a willingness to help. Medical personnel and teachers come to mind immediately, along with all those who have to serve the public every working day. But there are also the many individual saints who seek out the lonely, the depressed, and even the angry, and those who just want to give up.

I’m thankful for people like this; they’re all over the community. You run into them in the grocery store as you search for you grocery list on your phone and can’t get into the app for some reason. Or, for me, it frequently is an understanding checker who patiently repeats something he says to me for the fourth time. Hard- of hearing people have added difficulty with hearing through masks and shields – and he knew this. People like that are blessing us all the time.

I’m also thankful for learning new ways to communicate. Chief among these is the internet which prevents churches from being totally shut down by offering fresh ways to gather with the faith community. We’re doing it right here at FUMC Sacramento, the Love First people. We need to support those who work hard to facilitate all of that.

So, there are blessings in the midst of the slogging through COVID’s woe-inducing processes. Count them, make a list, be thankful, even tell people your appreciation. And (and this is important), don’t beat yourself up for occasionally having to say, “I’m sick of this.”

Rev. Carl Thomas

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