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In-Person Recap of Prior Meetings

On Tuesday, November 10th at 11:00 am, consultant Randy Sater meets with us in person. He will focus during this meeting on recapping the prior Zoom-based meetings. 


Mr. Sater isn’t completed with all the studies, much less isolating the best solutions for our future, but he is ready to talk about the concepts he is thinking about to help our property support our mission work for the long haul. 


Upcoming Meetings (mostly via Zoom):

•  November 10 (Tues, 11:00 am, in person), recap of the prior meetings.


•  December 8 (Tues, 6:30 pm) Parking Lot Development Recommendations.


•  December 9 (Wed, 6:30 pm) Church Complex Adaptive Reuse Recommendations.

Need help accessing Zoom?   View this video.


Connecting with Zoom is easy. Just wait for the appointed time and click the link here. Or dial in by phone to: 669.900.9128 Meeting ID: 839 2815 6849


Passcode: 143095

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