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It Still Matters

I’m bracing myself. Every year in August, a beloved friend of Jb’s and mine posts her reflection on recovery from the Redding area Carr Fire. It’s always vitally important to read and grippingly painful at the same time. 

It took them two and a half years to get into their own apartment again. They were economically devastated, and lost a great deal both of valuables and of the feeling of being safe in the world. 

First Church, with some other helpers, is trying to form a Fire Response Group. We’ve been invited to come for a few days to Paradise for rebuilding work. No date is set, and the invitation is an open one. 

This would be a hammer and saw operation, but is open to any willing participant, skills not required. It still matters that people who are fire victims be held and helped as they begin again, as they find their footings again, and as they reach out to take a step further toward recovery. 

If you’re interested in a three-day trip with a few tools and some heart-sweat, call me and we’ll go together. We’d be housed in people’s homes, and there would be some food, too. I’m thinking it may have to be in September. 

Rod Brayfindley

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