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Join Brewing Company

The Brewing Company? Have you heard the name? Maybe you have wondered what it is? It is the name of a group of women from our church that meet the first Saturday of each month at 10 AM. We do not brew beer or coffee,we brew ideas about fellowship within our church family and how to put our faith into good practice. We listen to each other without judgement,and pray for each other. All together there are seven of us. We started meeting in February of 2019 in the church library. During the pandemic’s very critical months we met by ZOOM.  We continue to meet because we genuinely love each other and because each one of us continues to be blessed by the others. If you would like to know more about us or would like to be a part of our group, please get in touch with JB Brayfindley at 

Join us to brew up some “good trouble”.

Love and Peace, Jan Mishler 

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