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July Community Dinner honors Carl Leroy Hunter, Sr., (1958-2020)

Carl Leroy Hunter, brother of FUMC Community Meals volunteer, Brenda Gaines Hunter

“I think feeding others is a way to honor his life and the struggles he faced,” wrote Brenda Gaines Hunter. Hunter regularly volunteers to help serve church community dinners at FUMC. She decided to also cover the entire cost of the July Community Dinner in her brother’s honor.

Brenda’s brother, Carl Leroy Hunter, passed away earlier this year in Chicago.  Brenda wanted to do something to honor him here in Sacramento where she has lived the last 5 years. Community Dinner seemed like an appropriate choice.

Brenda shared that her big brother Carl was wonderful to her when they were children. He possessed a deep interest in music, a gift he passed along to his musically talented children. 

Brenda is a talented artist herself as her portrait of her brother Carl attests.  Thank you, Brenda for your generosity and gift.  Our sincerest condolences to both you and your family.

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