Midtown Sacramento 21st & J


Leadership Team:

Chair: Aaron Johnson
Secretary: Julie Rodriguez
Lay Leaders: Doug Treadwell and Amy Price
Annual Conference Members: Laura Reed and Andrea Johnson
Alternate Member to Annual Conference: Doug Treadwell
SPR Chair: Julian Leonard
Trustee Chair: Pat Coleman
Finance Chair: Dorothy Klishevich
Treasurer: Bill Skinner
Financial Secretary: Terry Haug
UMW Chair: Phyllis Varney
Worship Chair: Terry Haug
LGBTQ+ Reconciliating and Social Justice Chair: Doug Treadwell 

Welcoming Chair: Jessie Buckmaster
MOMS Representative: Linda Brooks
Church Historian: Joan Haug-West
Membership Secretary: Doug Treadwell
Spiritual Development Chair: Linda Caldwell
Facility Planning Steering Committee Co-Chairs: Roseanne Lopez and Burt Peterson

Ministry Staff:

Pastor: Rod Brayfindley
Facility Manager: Mary Meister
Communications Coordinator: Keanan Evers
Children’s Ministries Coordinators: Tracee Simonini-Clark and Deana Dean 

Music Ministry: John Hillebrandt

Welcoming Team: Jessie Buckmaster, Chair; Bob Peck, Jan Beale, Glenn and Gwen Tilton, Norm Helsel

Spiritual Development Team: Linda Caldwell, Chair; Amy Price, Pat Peck, Eric Thronson, Deana Dean, Tracee Simonini-Clark, Carl Thomas

Facility Planning Steering Committee: Co-Chairs Roseanne Lopez and Burt Peterson; Tara Thronson, Pat Coleman, Gary Varney, Laura Reed, Jim Johnson, Danny Yost (Trustee Liaison), Aaron Johnson (Leadership Chair), Dorothy Klishevich (Finance Chair)

Staff Parish Relations: Chair, Julian Leonard


Allen Johnson


Julian Leonard

Irene Brown

Alison Coterill


Roberta Smith

Scott Stroman

Bayliss Camp

Board of Trustees

Peggy Adams

Gary Varney

Cheri Nelson

Greg Beale

Jessica Leonard

Danny Yost

Jessie Buckmaster

Jaime Segura

Pat Coleman

Nominations: Chair, Pastor Rod

Julian Leonard

Bob Peck

Carl Thomas

Phyllis Varney

Finance: Chair, Dorothy Klishevich
Aaron Johnson (Leadership Chair)
Greg Beale (Trustee Rep)
Financial Secretary: Terry Haug
Ass’t Financial Secretaries: Adora Crame, Connie Fanos, Pam Fredenberg 

Treasurer: Bill Skinner

Assistant Treasurers: Norm Helsel, Pat Peck, Pat Coleman

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