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Lift Up Some Spirits

Monday October 19 begins the week we especially encourage you to lift the spirits of people we know in a special effort. We are a team of people at First Church that are sometimes called the Welcoming Team and sometimes called the Marketing Team and we have come up with a project to lift the spirits of many people in this difficult season, and we want to ask your very simple help. 


One part of this project will be to encourage each of us to watch the Love First Word at your favorite platform, whether YouTube, the church website, Facebook page or on Instagram, and share your favorite one of the week on your social media page. Or even in an email to a friend. 


We’ll also put on the same platforms (website, YouTube, etc) a video edit of our fantastic Community Meal videos that have been on this Weekly Brief page that will be shareable on your Social Media pages as well.


The goal is to inspire people to some joy and hope. It is a sweet and concentrated way to share some of the gifts of First United Methodist Church with friends to people who need some Great News. And right now, EVERYbody needs Great News!


Remember calls, letters, emails, texts, and safe, masked, outdoor distanced drive by’s and visits.


Let’s Lift some spirits with a whole community of concentrated loving. 


Jessie Buckmaster

Doug Treadwell

Jb Brayfindley

Jim Mishler

Rod Brayfindley

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