Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Love First Word for December 1, 2021

For Advent and Christmas this year, let’s look inside. At our longings, at our deepest hopes and how these create our Expectations. Let’s make this a season of growth and probe our connections to God, the world, and even our own truest selves.

Sunday December 5 we’ll read Luke 3:1-6 in “Rough Ways to Smooth Days”. We all have big and small bumps along the way. Even a crash or three. How can a faith shape our days whether the best or worst for the better?

Love First Word is an online weekly reflection on Wednesdays by Rev. Rod Brayfindley of First United Methodist Church, 2100 J Street, Sacramento, California. Pastoral messages include topics of faith, history, science and spiritual health. More inspirational messages can be found at or on Facebook (@FirstUMCSac. Email pastor: or call: (916) 446-5025. This Sunday worship is online and in-person services have resumed indoors at 9:30 am or 11:00 am at 2100 J Street. The 9:30 a.m. service will be aired live on FaceBook. Please wear masks and keep distancing protocols.

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