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Love First Word for September 1, 2021

On Labor Day Sunday, September 5, from James 2:1-14 we’ll consider “A God Who Doesn’t Play Favorites.” In this passage, James excoriates his followers over a class-consciousness in their gatherings. It’s easy to fall, even subconsciously, into seeing one group or connection we have as more “right” or “important” or “visible” than another. Even on Labor Day the diminution of people who are “essential workers” comes to mind. How can we become valuers of all around us and the gifts each one brings?

This Sunday worship is online and in-person at 9:30 am or 11:00 am at 2100 J Street. Please wear masks and keep distancing protocols. 

Love First Word is an online daily reflection Monday through Saturday by Rev. Rod Brayfindley of First United Methodist Church, 2100 J Street, Sacramento, California. Pastoral messages include topics of faith, history, science and spiritual health. More inspirational messages can be found at or on Facebook (@FirstUMCSac. Email pastor: or call: (916) 446-5025.

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