Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Love, then Love, then Love

So we begin to gather in person again!

While many churches with histories less supportive of the sciences have been meeting and risking much over the last many months, most United Methodist Churches are just beginning to reopen. It is exciting. We’ll spread our wings slowly, from LOVE to LOVE, to Greater Love. 

First, we begin this Sunday in the Courtyard with reservations requested so we can adjust seating. Then on May 30 we’ll meet in the Terrace Room, still at 9:30. 

THEN on June 6 we’ll begin meeting in two services at 9:30 and 11:00. 

And after July 4, we’ll celebrate Easter 2020, then Christmas 2020, and then Easter 2021 on successive Sundays!

And finally as the Sanctuary project finishes up around mid to late October (hopefully) we’ll expand our efforts to love even more broadly in the No Small Dream project reaching out through banners and social media to invite others in to this beautiful church family. 

From glory to glory is a line you read in II Corinthians, echoed in some of John Wesley’s phrases. From love to LOVE can be our equivalent. Let’s love each other, love God, and love all around us in every way we can. And now, sometimes, that can be in person! 

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